Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We've made Starbucks a Saturday staple....  They get wayyyyyy too much of our money.

The First REAL Field Trip

Franklyn's first grade class went on their first REAL field trip outside of Manchester last week.  They went to the Discovery Center and Chuck E. Cheese in Murfreesboro.  Since my office is in Murfreesboro, I decided to cut out of work for a couple of hours and run by Chuck E. Cheese to spend some time with Franklyn and the rest of the kids.  Franklyn had sooooo much fun!

Franklyn and Saul waited a long time to get on the virtual roller coaster....  Not long enough.  Franklyn ended up moving on to something else!
Lilly had a boatload of tickets before Franklyn even had ten!!!!  How in the world did she do that?

It's all about the tickets.........
...and the cheap prizes!

House Update.... Moving?

Well, after my "stressed" blog a few weeks ago, I guess I should give a little update as far as what's happening now...  We signed a contract on "the house" that we were in love with LATE in the evening on April 16th.  After signing the contract we started getting VERY excited about the move!  We started pulling stuff out of the attic for a yard sale and tried to finish up the few items left to fix from the home inspection.  On Wednesday, April 18th, we got a call from our realtor saying that the couple buying the home of the lady buying our home lost their loan.  Everything fell through.  They had been pre-approved, but then it fell through in underwriting.  Thanks to the domino effect, everything just completely stopped.  The couple couldn't buy Karen Johnson's house, Karen Johnson couldn't buy our house, we couldn't buy "the house......"  So, now we wait - again.  I am completely at peace with it though. It took me a few days.  I was angry at first.  Why would God allow me to struggle so much with making a decision on which house to purchase knowing that it was all going to fall through in the end?  After a few days though, I was fine.  I know that God protected us from something.  Maybe from a bad decision, who knows?  However, at the moment, we are staying right where we are.  The lady with the contingency contract on our house extended the contract through August 15th, so we are still in limbo.  We still have a contingency contract on "the house" and we are just waiting for God to move us.  He may not, and that is fine.  We're just praying for God to guide us.  He's pretty good at that. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Beautiful Boy


William Franklyn Soo Bin Whaley....  my beautiful boy!  I can't believe how grown up and handsome this kid has gotten!  Everywhere we go people exclaim, "He is getting so tall!"  All I can say is, "I know. Scary." 

I made Franklyn slow down for just a second Sunday morning so that I could snap a few pictures before speeding out of the driveway.  What a trooper!

Old Friends


We had some old friends come and visit this past weekend.  Patsy and Fred came to visit all the way from Hendersonville.  I worked with Patsy and Fred when Scott and I lived in Nashville.  They're truly two of the sweetest, funniest human beings God placed on this earth.  Such blessings in my life.  Patsy was such a support to me in the late nineties when I was suffering from depression and anxiety.  She and Fred were like parents to us at the time.  We were so young (mid-twenties) and so terribly stupid and naive.  We haven't seen them in about five years so I was VERY excited to finally get to hug their necks again!