Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Toys and Sick Boys

Franklyn was sick on Thursday so we had to make a trip to his pediatrician in Murfreesboro. Of course, pretty much every trip to the doctor ends up with a trip to WalMart to fill prescriptions. Franklyn had some money that his Nenaw and Papaw sent him for Valentine's Day so I let him use it while we were at WalMart. He is a nurturing little boy so he chose one of the little FurReal pets. He snuggled with "Spots" the rest of the day!
Another new toy for my sick little boy is his package of Wikki Stix. Franklyn has seen a commercial on television over and over again for BendARoos and he has the whole commercial memorized! I kid you not! Out of the blue he would come up to me and start spouting lines from the commercial just to make sure sure I knew the amazing creations wouldn't stain the wall, etc... He has been begging for them ever since he first saw the commercial back in September. Anyhow, a friend at work told me about Wikki Stix so I tracked some down. Franklyn has literally spent hours at a time with his new toy. It's amazing the things kids love!

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