Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pinky Jiggy

We stayed at my Mom and Dad's house while we were in Jefferson City for Scott's 20th high school reunion. As usual, Mimi gave Franklyn a little cash before we left to go home. We stopped at Target on the way through Knoxville to let him spend his money. Never the one to choose the cheap toy, Franklyn used the money to buy a $60 riding toy that was obviously made for a girl... He rode the thing all through Target on the way to the register to check out.

We bought monster truck stickers for Franklyn to apply to the pink sections of the toy just to make it a little more masculine. All the way home from Knoxville he kept saying, "When will we be home so I can ride my pinky jiggy?" No idea where he came up with that name!

I can't say we were excited about Franklyn having a pink and yellow riding toy, but it sure makes him SMILE!

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Deana said...

You may not get this here, but go check out my blog HAHAHA- tag your it!!