Friday, November 12, 2010


Yay me! I'm finally getting around to updating the blog! It's only been a year and a half!!! I think I devoted a little TOO much time to facebook for that period of time!

Well, it's about time I fill in friends and family on cruise #6! We set sail on October 9th out of Mobile, Alabama. The Elation wasn't the nicest ship we've been on, but it was still enjoyable. At least we didn't end up like the poor folks on the Splendor this past week!
We really had a good time all the way around. Scott and I enjoyed some quiet time together and Franklyn soaked up every second of Camp Carnival he could! It's crazy how that kid loves what equates to day care... They really do some fun activities and he loves the interaction with the other children as well as the games and crafts.

We visited two ports of call this time around. We went to Progresso and Cozumel. The only port really worth mentioning was Cozumel - 5th time there! Franklyn got to go swimming with the dolphins! We purchased a video of him interacting with them and I'm sure the whole experience is something he will never forget.

We ended up having to leave Cozumel early due to the threat of Hurricane Paula. That was fine with me. It meant more time on the ship to EAT! We ate some great food.... Unlimited ice cream, yummy french toast, cheeseburgers, pizza... you name it, we ate it!

It always seems like the cruises come and go so fast! Gotta wait until June for the next one!

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