Saturday, February 21, 2015


"Today your heart will search for satisfaction. Will you look for it in
 the creation or in relationship to the Creator?"
Paul David Tripp

I helped Franklyn slip his coat on and handed him his fresh out of the oven chocolate chip muffin. "Get moving, guys. You're gonna be late." I urged them toward the door as he grabbed his backpack and Scott grabbed his keys. It was a typical weekday morning in the Whaley house. Running late. Last minute reviews of the week's spelling words. Finally getting them out the door with kisses and an "I love you." 

I watched Scott's truck pull out of the driveway and disappear from our cul-de-sac just like I do every morning when they leave for school and work. But there was something different about this particular morning. It was beautiful outside. The sun was barely peeking through the trees from our backyard, but it just seemed....brighter.

It just seemed...right.

I just felt...happy.

I just felt...alive.

I stepped back from the glass storm door and sat down on the steps leading upstairs, still looking outside, still taking in the beauty of the morning. I took a deep breath and a tear fell down my face. 

Why, God? Why are you so good to me?  I thought about where I was a year ago, and where I was just six months ago, and I marveled at His goodness. I marveled at His grace.

A year ago I went to bed every night fearful of losing my job. Six months ago I was unemployed and had no idea what was in store for me. 

But He did.

He knew the best way to build my faith. He knew the best way to teach me to truly trust in His providence. He knew it would be painful, but He knew I would grow.

Sitting on those steps, I felt satisfied. I felt fulfilled. I felt that "this must be what life is all about" feeling.

After a few minutes I bounced up the stairs to change into my painting clothes and read my morning devotion. I was feeling gooooooooood. I was feeling like it just couldn't get any better than this. I had a wonderful family, a nice house, an incredible job, a sweet puppy dog, a great church.... Yep, life is goooooooooood, I thought.

Then I started reading.

                   Then I was convicted.

I read, "Creation does not have the ability to satisfy your heart. Earth simply will never be your savior. When you ask the created thing to do what it was not designed to do, you get short-term fulfillment..."       
                -Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies



Been there. Done that.
And then I read, "Will it be the Creator, whose grace alone can satisfy and transform your heart, or the creation, which was designed to do neither?"
                    -Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies 
Ok. OUCH again.

That satisfied feeling? That fulfilled feeling? That "this must be what life is all about" feeling? Gone. Sooooooo gone.

His created world is beautiful. My family brings me joy. My home is a place where I feel safe and loved. My job.... Oh, how happy my job makes me! My sweet Pepper dog is the best dog in the world (Don't even try to argue that!). And I love my church. But, those things can't really bring me satisfaction. They can't really fulfill me. And, no, this isn't what life is all about. The things of this world aren't meant to be what I look to for life. They were merely meant to be what points me to the Maker of all things, the only One who is able to give me lasting joy. If they aren't doing that, they are worthless. His created world brings short-term fulfillment, but He brings everlasting life.

So, here's to finding that bounce in my step, that "this must be what life is all about" feeling in Him. Not in a job. Not in my home. Not in my child or my husband (or my dog). Here's to leaving behind short-term fulfillment and finding everlasting joy in the Creator of all things.

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