Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Success vs. Value

I saw a quote by Albert Einstein this morning.  It said something about striving to be of value rather than striving for success.
                                     v. strive: to exert oneself vigorously; try hard.
That made me think a little about what I'm striving for in life. 

                     NEWS FLASH: I struggle ALL the time
                   with my self worth.

Whether I realize it or not...  Whether I GRASP it or not.... I AM of value to God.  He formed me and He saw value in who I would be before He even created me.  Why is that so hard for me to really believe?
I tend to compare myself to others way too often.  My mind is usually flooded with, "I wish I could do that like she does," or "I wish I had a degree in [fill in the blank] so I could do that."  Living in a world with things like Facebook and Pinterest makes it hard for my envious eye to restrain itself.
Like a lot of people I mistakenly buy into the idea that my success in life is based on worldly things.  I fall for the lie.  I look for different things to do, different things to buy, different things to make... things that I think will lead to a feeling of success or even value.  Deep down though, I know the truth.  The truth keeps smacking me in the face.  It's a good smack.  It's a God smack.
He knows.  He knows that I am already valuable.  He knows that He has placed inside of me a purpose.  He's gifted me with ways to fulfill that purpose and He wants me to see the same thing. 
We recently started a small group study at church that focuses on what you would do if you only had one month to live.  That smack I mentioned a second ago?  The first night of the study was the first time I felt it.  Well, not really the first time.  But it was the first time in a long time that I let the 'smack' sink in.  I knew right away what God was leading me to do. 
I love to write.  Writing is therapy for me.  I like to write poetry and I like to write about how I see God at work in everyday life.  He poked at my heart that night.  Well, actually He smacked me.
So, here it is.  Here is my first attempt at doing what I know God wants me to do... doing what I feel He has gifted me to do to fulfill His purpose for my life.  My life is valuable because I'm made in His image.  I am valuable because He loves me.  My purpose?  To lead others to Him.  To use my gifts to show others His love.
So don’t be afraid therefore; you are worth more than many sparrows.  Matthew 10:31
We're here for a reason, friends.  It's not to outdo our neighbors with a better front porch display for Christmas.  It's not to make the other class moms jealous when our child walks in with the best treat bags for the Halloween party.  It's not to induce envy with our most recent Facebook posts.  [Speaking from experience here]  Your purpose and your value is found in Him.  Without Him life has no meaning, no purpose.
So, let's not strive for success.  Let's not even strive for value.  Those endeavors are in vain.  Instead, let's just strive for Christ.  In Him, and in Him alone, we should find our value.    

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Angelicable said...

Writing was one of the first things I thought I should do if I had 1 month to live too!! 1st of all it was writing a journel for Leila. If I were to die in a month I want to leave her with a journal urging that Christ is the most valuable thing, and telling her what he has done and what her purpose is. I also want to record my love for her and my favorite stories about her so far. Thanks for writing this, Kari!