Thursday, November 7, 2013

National Adoption Awareness Month

He doesn't look like me.  He doesn't look like Scott.  He has dark skin and the most beautiful rich, brown eyes.  His tender heart is unlike that of any person I've ever known.

I see his dad in him all the time.  Selfless.  Kind.  Faithful.  Funny.  They're two peas in a pod.

No, they don't look like each other.  They don't share DNA or the same blood type.  But, they're no less father and son.

Franklyn came into our family through adoption.  I can remember as a child thinking that adoption was the most incredible, amazing thing.  I was completely in love with the idea of adoption as a little girl and always knew I wanted to experience it when I was older.  Once I found out where babies came from, I was even MORE convinced that the only way I would ever have children was through adoption. But, once Scott and I decided we were ready for children, we longed to bring a child into this world the way most people do. I dreamed of being pregnant and having the blonde-haired, blue-eyed child we were sure God wanted to give us.  Well, our desires didn't line up with His will.  And we are SO glad things worked out the way they did.

Our adoption journey was incredible.  God worked in the most unbelievable way to bring Franklyn home to us in a short three months.


Adoption is a pretty remarkable thing. It paints a beautiful picture of God's love for us.  

a·dop·tion : the act or process of giving official acceptance or approval to something

But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a virgin, born under the Law, so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying “Abba! Father!” Therefore you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God. [Galatians 4:4-7]

I was once an orphan.  But, through God's grace and mercy I came to faith in Christ at the age of 16.  I was a sinner.  Now I'm a sinner redeemed by grace.  I was accepted into God's family because I chose to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I chose to recognize my sin and accept the fact that MY SIN was the reason for Christ's death on the cross.  I'm still a sinner.  I still mess up every day.  But, I'm no longer an orphan.  I'm a part of God's family.

Franklyn was once an orphan as well.  He needed a home.  He needed a mother and father that would care for him, teach him and love him.  We chose him.  We chose to bring him into our home and give him all of the rights and privileges that come with being our son.  He will carry on the Whaley name and he will inherit all that we leave behind.  (disclaimer: there may not be a lot left behind!)

Franklyn accepted Christ a couple of years ago.  At that time he was also adopted into God's family.  God chose to bring him into His family and assign him all the rights and privileges that come with being His child. Franklyn chose to accept God's gift of salvation.  He is to carry on the name of Christ.  He is to be an example of Christ in a lost and dying world. Along with that, he inherits eternal life.

Adoption is costly.  Scott and I were blessed to be able to afford to bring Franklyn into our family.  In the same way, adoption was costly to God.  His Son, Jesus Christ, paid the price to bring us into His family.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  Take a moment to consider how adoption has or could have an impact on your life.  Maybe God is leading you to examine the idea of bringing an orphan or a foster child into your own home.  Maybe you're not a Christian and God is prompting you to see Him for who He really is.  

We brought Franklyn into our home to give him a hope and a future.  But, the hope and the future we offer him is nothing like that offered to him by God.

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