Monday, December 9, 2013

Mary's View

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me to name my favorite Christmas song.  I'm a big fan of the traditional Christmas carols, but my absolute favorite Christmas song is "Breath of Heaven."  I love imagining what Mary was thinking and how frightened, yet excited, she must have been.  A few years ago that led me to write the following poem about Mary's view of the birth of Christ...

Mary’s View
How, Lord, shall I nurture as divine a life as this?
Why send Thine hope through such a one as me?
Mine bosom is not fit to brush the cheek of this sweet Child.
I am lowly, Lord, and He is Majesty.
Mine eyes behold such glory when I look upon His brow,
And I cannot fathom all His shoulders
I’ve pondered in mine heart the depth of all that is to come.
Yet, now mine arms embrace Thine Truth declared.

This gentle Babe, now born of flesh, beneath the moonlit sky,
Shall light the way for all who long to see.
His brow shall bear the crown that is above all other crowns,
And He shall rule throughout eternity.
Faithful ones will long to touch His garment,
And the wise will bow to worship at His
His name shall be esteemed above all other names,
Emmanuel, the Highest, Servant-Priest.

Still, I wonder at the favor Thou afforded unto me,
As I gaze upon this One to be adored.
As Thou proclaimed, mine womb brought forth this Savior, Prince of Peace,
This King of Kings to reign forevermore.
O’ grant mine heart the strength to be Thine servant,
To carry out Thine plan as Thou
To foster this great One as Thou wouldst lead me,
As Thine hand fulfills Thine prophecies of old.

Kari Whitworth Whaley ©2004

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