Friday, October 28, 2011


Franklyn developed a love for Super Mario over the summer after spending countless hours playing a Mario game on his DSI.  While flipping through a costume catalog someone brought to church one night, he discovered a Luigi costume.  All I heard for the next several hours was, "Mom, can you pleeeaaase find me a Luigi costume for Halloween?"  I was sure it was a pretty original costume and that, if I could fine one on the internet, he would be the only Luigi at school and at our church's Trunk Or Treat...  So, one warm day in August I searched the internet for a Luigi costume.  I finally found one and was sooooo excited!  I bought it and was thrilled to rush home and have Franklyn try it on the day it arrived.  I thought for sure that it would be one of the most original costumes...  Several days later, when WalMart started putting out Halloween costumes, I was horrified to see rows and rows of Luigi and Mario costumes!  I am the type that likes Franklyn to have a fairly original costume.  I usually find his at Marshall's or TJ Maxx because I figure everyone else hits WalMart and Target.  So much for that... 
That being said, I got him dressed in his costume this morning for the costume parade and Halloween parties at school today.  He looked so adorable.  Nothing like a Korean Luigi!  Even if the costume isn't original, an ASIAN ITALIAN certainly IS!

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