Friday, October 26, 2012

On his heart.....

Last night when I was cleaning out Franklyn's backpack I came across the most precious project.  Around Columbus Day his class had to write what they would have done if they discovered America.  Each student wrote their paragraph on a sheet of paper attached to a picture of Columbus and the teacher had the projects hanging outside their classroom.  I didn't know anything about it until I pulled it out of his backpack.  I was in awe when I read what Franklyn wrote.  The most special thing about it is that THIS is what was on his sweet, little heart... 
Well, if you could actually read it, you would see that it says:
First, I would tell people about God and give them Bibles. Then, they would teach me how to shoot a bow and arrow. Last, I would call the new land CrishtenLand.
To know that my son had THAT on his heart when told to write about what he would do if he discovered our great country made my heart melt!  He would first tell people about God and pass out Bibles and he would then name our country CHRISTIAN LAND!  Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of that kid??????

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